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Apophysis.org -- Freeware fractal flame editor for Windows
DAZ 3D -- 3D Software, 3D Models, and 3D Content
Morphography -- Virtual photography and sculpture
OptikVerveLabs -- Virtual Photographer
PhilC Designs Ltd. -- Plug-ins, Content & Tutorials for Poser
Renderosity -- art community | 3D Models | High Resolution Textures
--- lost and found threads -- R'osity Links and Tutorials
Smith Micro -- Graphic Products for Windows
Softology -- Visions of Chaos

start page -- the world's most private search engine
Wikipedia.org -- The Free Encyclopedia
Bing Maps -- formerly maps.live.com
CalculateMe.com -- Comprehensive Conversion Utility
THE FREE DICTIONARY -- Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Thesaurus
Webopedia -- online dictionary
Science Daily -- News & Articles
Computer Technician -- Training, Jobs, Salary, Careers, and Schools
World Fact Book -- Central Intelligence Agency

Computer Education -- Computer tips, tricks and tutorials
There's no place like -- Blocking Unwanted Parasites with a Hosts File
--------- (a Microsoft 'MVP' Web site)
Tweaking with Vishal -- Windows Tips, Help and Customization
Windows SevenForums -- an independent web site
CCleaner -- Optimization and Cleaning - Free Download
iT Samples -- System utilities, password recovery and network tools
Tracker Software Products (free PDF-XChange - Adobe alternative - Viewer)
2BrightSparks -- Syncback freeware and commerical data backup software
VideoLAN Organization -- Free multimedia solutions for all OS!

National Do Not Call Registry
whitepages -- People, Business, Phone, Address
Whois.com -- WHOIS LOOKUP

The Accidental Hoosier -- Observations, ramblings and opinions
-- EverQuest links & inspired graphics
FrankoAVI.com -- olofpalme63
Kurtman's Korner -- cat juggler

1&1 Web Hosting -- Web Hosting Service
--- E-mail and Online Storage
JOHNHOPSONDESIGN -- If You Can Dream It, I Can Make It!
TheDentest.com -- paint free dent removal serving Michigan

more site links:

Shadow Lite Cam tutorial -- posing lights in Poser
Underwater Test -- Underwater scene setup in Poser 7
Magnifying Glass -- Refract node Index_of_Refraction
Wheel of the Year -- traditional festivals & cross-quater days
rudiments of music -- brief notes
black book -- a collection of notes
photos -- photo galleries
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